Burton Rands Associates

Working primarily with the U.S. government contracting community, Burton Rands, LLC concentrates on:

    Business intelligence and analysis

    Design, development and implementation of justice sector programs

    Cyber security

    Project support services

    Security and risk consulting, security management, training and evaluation

Security is vitally important; bad policing, weak justice and penal systems and corrupt, ineffective militaries cause society to suffer from crime, insecurity and fear. At Burton Rands we believe in promoting an environment in which individuals and communities feel safe and secure, within which the rule of law is respected and in which development can flourish. Throughout program life, from assessment to design to implementation and evaluation, Burton Rands is committed to ensuring that capacity building is an integral part of our activities in order to promote effective and sustainable development.


Since 2006 Burton Rands Associates has successfully implemented programs focused on international security sector reform, peace building and security consulting. We understand that if fragile and post-conflict states are to create the conditions to escape from a downward spiral of insecurity, criminalization and under-development, socio-economic and security dimensions must be tackled simultaneously.